Saturday, January 22, 2005

ThE cOiN oF lIvE

You need to know what poor is before you know what it's mean to be rich. You need to experience sadness to know what happiness is. You need to know what anger is before you know what serenity is. You need to know what hate is before you know what love is. Clear and peaceful Blue Ocean always comes after a storm.
Good and unpleasant value, they both are basically two side of a coin. They give you the same sensation, but most people don’t know about this. It's because they never use their heart to observe the sensation, to observe what is going on within them. So use your heart to observe what happen within your self and flip the coin to a better value.

OcEaN cAlLeD

There I was, standing on the white sand beach, facing the cold salty January Atlantic ocean breeze. I took a deep breath. Oh... It felt so relaxing; it felt like something really familiar. It felt like something that will always has a special place in my heart. It felt like coming home. I started to walk, faster and faster and faster. Before I realized it, I had started to run. It was not an ordinary run, it was the kind of run that we do when we feel so excited about something, the kind of run that we do because we don't want to waste a second of our valuable time. For me it was a run home, it was a run for my soul asylum; it was a run for something that called my inner self. It was an ocean called.

UnCoNdItIoNaL lOvE

Have you ever fall in love? One of my good friends asked me this question. I said I didn't know. Then I asked her what she meant by falling in love. Was it the joy that you felt when you were around some one that you like? Or, was it a desire to spend as much time as possible with someone that you have a huge crush on? Or, was it the shivering that you felt when someone that you thought you fall in love with hold your hand? She said no. She said to fall in love is when to love without expecting anything in return, because it is not love if you expecting something in return. To fall in love is to have an unconditional love.

InSpIrEd By ThE rAiN

There I was sitting on the balcony in one rainy day in Miami. “Why is the air so fresh?” I asked my self. It was because of the rain. Rain rinses all the heavy pollutant from the air and leaves the fresh air for us. Joyous feeling came with every single fresh air that filled my lung. Why does the fresh air feel so relaxing and bring joy to us? Because it’s unpolluted, it’s pure. Everything that pure and unpolluted is always relaxing and brings joy to us. An innocent smile of a baby for instance. Their untainted heart emanates love through their smile. Or, a sight of an untouched clear blue water that bring serenity to our mind. So if everything that pure can bring us joy, why are we polluting them then?