Thursday, May 26, 2005

WhAt Do YoU nEeD tO bE hApPy

What do you need to be happy? It’s a simple question that has a lot of answer, infinite answers. People have to many things that they thing will made them happy. They will use so many conditional words. Some people will say that they will be happy if they have a girl that loves them with all her heart. Some will say that they will be happy if they have a car. But do they really happy after they get what they want? Yes, but only for a while. After a while they will eventually want something else and they start making new condition for them to be happy. Just like an endless cycle. How can we end this cycle? One thing for sure is we have to stop making limitation or condition for us to be happy. Basically we don’t need anything to be happy. All the conditions that we make, that we think going to make us happy if we reach them, is only a concept in your mind. If you can control your mind and remove that concept of happiness from your mind and tell your mind that we don’t need anything to be happy, then you’ll be happy all the time. True happiness comes from your heart not your mind.

Sunday, May 22, 2005


Patient is seven letters that can change the world. If Hitler could be more patient and waited until the winter was over before attacking Russia, who knows what would happen to the world. If Thomas Alfa Edison wasn’t patient enough in doing his experiment we might still be living in a world without lamps. Patient…., what makes this word special? Maybe because it consists of seven letters and seven is a magic number, maybe just maybe. But one thing that I know for sure is that I don’t have this quality in me and I definitely need it. I think we all need it; we all need to be more patient to live a better life, to have a better world. Patient can lead our life to a life with less anger and frustration. Patient can make us to think more clearly and more focus so that we can achieve our goals. Patient…. if only I have it.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

HoPe Vs ExPeCtAtIoN

What is the difference between expectation and hope? Hope is what keep human alive, if we don't have hope we might as well consider our self dead. Because once you lose hope, you won't have any spirit to live your life. On the other hand, Expectation, whenever it doesn't meet reality, is the biggest source of our frustration, anger, sadness. Expectation and hope are only separated by a fragile thin line. If we hope for something but we want that something to happen so bad, we will break that thin fragile line and then what originally our hopes turn into expectations. That's when what originally our source of life spirit turns into source of our frustration, anger and sadness. We will always feel trouble by what originally something that keep us living.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

WhEn AlL tHe WoRdS iN tHe WoRlD ArE nOt EnOuGh

Words, the greatest human creation. Through them we communicate. Through them we create history. Through them we create peace. Through them we create war. Through words we create our world. Words the greatest human creation. Sometime I wonder, what is it that words can do? Can we really do anything in this world by using words? Well, not really. There is one thing for sure that words can not do. Words can not really give the exact definition of love. Only your heart can tell what love is. So if you ask me, why is it that I love you, I can't really give you the answer. You need to ask my heart for the answer.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

InCeRtIdUmBrE dEl AmOr

Usted está asustado de la incertidumbre en nuestra relación, mientras que, yo está asustado de la incertidumbre de su amor. Soy justo esperando que un día usted dirá quizá que usted me ama y que el día será el día más maravilloso de mi vivo. Mientras tanto, hasta ese día vengo, soy el ir justo a darle mi amor sin contar con cualquier cosa. Te amo.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

ThErE iS a PlAcE cAlLeD hOmE

Hundred and hundred miles away from here, there is a place right by the sea where the sun shines so bright. Place where the temperature is just right. Place where my childhood memory lies. Place where I grew up. Place where my first love was. Place that I will always carry in my heart. Why? Because that is the place where people who love me in their own way live. Where ever you find people that love you in their own way, you find yourself a home.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

WhEn ThE sToRm CoMe

When the storm is over, the sky always turns to a clear blue bright sky. So does the sea, it always so calm and quiet after the storm is over. I guess that’s how our life works. You might be overwhelmed by a lot of things that makes your life seems like in a chaotic situation. Nothing that you do is right. Problems come one after another and it seems like they never stop coming. Some people reach a culminating point where they think that they can not deal with their life no more and giving up before the storm in their life is over. Some are smart enough to figure out how to survive in the storm and enjoy the clear blue sunny sky at the end of the storm. My life is pretty much like a storm right now. Life is all about choices. I guess I choose to hold on until the storm is over and the clear blue sky comes to my life. Meanwhile I just need to figure out the way to survive the storm.