Monday, June 27, 2005

LeSsOn FrOm ThE JoGgInG tRaCk

When I was jogging on the track I realized the difference between kept looking down watching the track while running with looking up, straight forward, while running. When I was looking down the run felt like forever, it felt like it will never end. But, when I looked up, straight forward the run felt much easier. Why is that, I asked my self. Then, I realized something, when I looked down, all I saw was obstacle, I couldn’t see my destination, I couldn’t see my goal. This make me felt like running in a never ending track, so the run didn’t feel as fun as it suppose to be. On the other hand, when I looked up, straight forward, what I saw was my destination, my goal. I didn’t care about the obstacle, because I could see my goal. This made the run more enjoyable, more fun.
The same thing also happens in our life. If we keep looking at the obstacle that we found a long our way to reach our goals, we will end up overwhelmed by the obstacles and we will feel that life is very hard. Our goals will seem like impossible goals, because all we see is the obstacle not the goals. This will lead us to frustration and we will end up giving up our goals. On the contrary, if we keep our vision straight to our goals, we will feel that life is not as hard as we think it will be. We will be more motivated to reach our goals, because we always remember and look at our goals. We will be able to overcome all the obstacles that we found a long our way and not overwhelmed by them.
So, remember one thing, always remember and look your goals, always concentrate on your goals in every moment. Before you know it, you’ll get them.


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