Friday, December 31, 2004

WhAt A wAy To StOp ThE wAr

An 9.0 earth quake caused one HUMONGGOUS tsunami that wipe out thousand and thousand of people out of the face of Aceh. A disputed province where Indonesian used to killed hundred and hundred of their own people for so many years. There in Aceh, we, Indonesian, used to killed each other over some stupid reason that even most of the people who were involved in the dispute didn't really understand what it is. The tsunami has ended the war, at least for a while. People who used to fight each other know working hand in hand to look for bodies, survivors or what ever left out of the shocking disaster. Is that a punishment? Or, God felt tired of the stupid dispute and finally decided to stop the war in His own way. What a way to stop the war.

Monday, December 27, 2004

wHo ArE yOu???

Who are you? Have you ever asked this question to your self? If someone asked you this question, what would your answer be? You might told that someone your name. But, your name is just identification. You might tell that someone that you are a doctor, you are a professor, you are a manager, you are a father or perhaps you might tell that someone that you are a loving husband. Are those who you really are? Or, are those only one of the roles that you play in your everyday life? Sometime you play your role as a father, sometimes as a husband or sometime as a manager. But, are those who you really are? So, who are you exactly?

Friday, December 24, 2004

A jOuRnEy InTo YoUr HeArT

It is in our nature that as a human being we always looking for love and happiness. It is also in our nature that most of us are not aware of what we have and what we capable of. So, we always start looking for love and happiness from our outside world, a place where nothing last forever. Place where everything is limited by time. It is no surprise that we can only find a temporary love, a temporary happiness; the kind of love and happiness which will lead us to the world of anger, to the world of sadness, to the world of jealousy, to the world without love and happiness at all. A question arises: where can we find such a timeless love and happiness; love and happiness that will last forever? The answer lies inside your heart. Start a journey into your heart and may the greatest and timeless love and happiness be bestowed upon you.