Tuesday, January 03, 2006

ReSpOnSe AbIlItY

If you are familiar with self improvement books, you should be aware with the term "Response Ability", your ability to respond to any stimulant there is in your life. You should also be aware that this term is derived from the term "responsibility". Choosing how to respond to a certain stimulant is your responsibility, because it's within your power and ability. Nobody or nothing can make you choose something that you don't want to choose. Even if there is an influence, the decision is yours to make. Ideally, if we are aware of our self, we will be able to make the appropriate choices for every stimulant, choices that will bring advantages for us. Also supposedly, if we are able to make the appropriate choices our life will be happy and successful, because we will be able to make the best out of every situation that we are facing.
The problem is sometime or, even worst, most of the time we don't choose the right response. We tend to incline toward bad choices, bad response. So instead of making the best out of every situation, we make the worst out of it. What to do? All we can do is keep trying to think and analyze every situation that we are in before we make our choices. That way, we can use our "Response Ability" to make the best possible out of every situation.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

JuSt AnOtHeR nEw DaY

What is the different between today and yesterday? Today (at the time I'm writing this) is the first day of the New Year, 2006. Yesterday was the last day of last year, 2005. Last night, instead of celebrating it with other people, I chose to stay at home, spending the last hour of last year evaluating my life over 2005. Evaluating what I've done, what I've achieved, what mistakes that I've made, what need to be done, I evaluated almost every aspect of my life. I had never really spent a New Year eve like that, not until last night. I think it's a good way to spend a New Year eve, reflecting over one year period of your life, learning from our life to make an improvement in it.