Saturday, July 30, 2005


Life is nothing but a journey. A journey in which, we need to make lots of choices. We, sometime, are happy with the choice that we’ve made and we also, most of the times, regret the choices that we’ve made. From this regret sadness comes, anger comes and we end up in frustration because of this regrets. So what do we need to do to overcome our regrets? A wise man told me once that faith is all you need. Accept whatever outcome you may get from your choice as your destiny and you shall have no regret. Believe that everything happen for a reason. You might not able to understand what the reason is at that very moment, but you will understand that reason after sometimes. Only after we have no regret over any bad choices that we’ve made we can use our free will to make choices that can make our lives better, choices that can fix the result of our bad decision or at least make it better.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

DeAr FrIeNdS

There is a time when I really want to be with all my friends that always support me, when all their supporting words and voices are not enough. Because there is nothing that can replace their warm assuring touches and looks, because to me touches mean a lot more than just a thousand words.