Monday, June 27, 2005

LeSsOn FrOm ThE JoGgInG tRaCk

When I was jogging on the track I realized the difference between kept looking down watching the track while running with looking up, straight forward, while running. When I was looking down the run felt like forever, it felt like it will never end. But, when I looked up, straight forward the run felt much easier. Why is that, I asked my self. Then, I realized something, when I looked down, all I saw was obstacle, I couldn’t see my destination, I couldn’t see my goal. This make me felt like running in a never ending track, so the run didn’t feel as fun as it suppose to be. On the other hand, when I looked up, straight forward, what I saw was my destination, my goal. I didn’t care about the obstacle, because I could see my goal. This made the run more enjoyable, more fun.
The same thing also happens in our life. If we keep looking at the obstacle that we found a long our way to reach our goals, we will end up overwhelmed by the obstacles and we will feel that life is very hard. Our goals will seem like impossible goals, because all we see is the obstacle not the goals. This will lead us to frustration and we will end up giving up our goals. On the contrary, if we keep our vision straight to our goals, we will feel that life is not as hard as we think it will be. We will be more motivated to reach our goals, because we always remember and look at our goals. We will be able to overcome all the obstacles that we found a long our way and not overwhelmed by them.
So, remember one thing, always remember and look your goals, always concentrate on your goals in every moment. Before you know it, you’ll get them.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

A lItTlE iNsPiRaTiOn FrOm MoUnT gEdE

During the climbing in Mount Gede, I asked my self about something. I asked my self about what was the different between the rushing climbers that wanted to get to their destination as soon as possible with climbers that enjoyed the climb while they were trying to reach their destination. The freshness of the air and the beautiful nature scenery gave me the answer to my question. I saw impatient look, frustration and desperation in the eyes of the rushing climbers. Even after they arrived at their destination, I didn’t see happy expression in their faces. All I saw were just weary faces with a little satisfaction.
On the contrary, I saw lots of satisfaction in the eyes of the climbers that enjoyed the climb to their destination. Along the way during the climb, there were a lot of beautiful things that we could see and enjoy. Things that could make us even more satisfied after we reached our destination. I also saw that climbers that enjoyed their climb had more organized and planned foot step. They also didn’t look as tired as the rushing climber. Then another question arose, what was it that these rushing climbers actually looked for? I think they were just looking for ways to satisfy their ego, which in fact could never be satisfied. This kind of mentality will only make the climb not fun and difficult. On the other hand, climbers that enjoyed the climb, they were able to make the climb a fun journey without forgetting their real goals, their destinations.
This is a really good analogy with our life. In life, there are people that want to reach and get what they want as soon as possible. There are also people that enjoyed the process of achieving goals.
People who like to rush in order to achieve their goals are more likely to feel frustration and disappointment during the process of achieving their goals. Also, by the time they actually reach their goals they will only feel a little satisfaction. To them, their goals are just something that they have to get to satisfy their ego, which they will never able to satisfy, not something that they want to get. All of these rushing will make their steps in achieving their goals unorganized and unplanned, which will also make their life look hard and difficult. All of this rushing will make them more likely to feel frustration and desperation when they fail.
On the other hand, people who are enjoying the process of achieving their goals have more organized and planned steps. They can enjoy their time during the process of achieving their goals without forgetting their real goals. For them life seem more enjoyable. Because they really love what they do to achieve their goals and they really want to achieve their goal, by the time they achieve their goals, they will have more satisfaction compare to people who have the tendency to rush things. Even when they fail, they will still enjoy their failure, because they have the opportunity to learn from their failure and improve their next step to achieve their goal.
Well, it’s all up to us whether we want to be a rushing kinda person or a person that enjoy every single step he or she take to achieve goals. But, most importantly don’t be a person without goals. Enjoy and love what ever you do.


Anger makes us do stupid things, thing that our heart will regret. Anger makes people fights against each others. Anger makes our world, that is supposedly a beautiful place to live in, an ugly place to live in. Anger makes a beautiful life looks horrible. Anger turns people into fools who can’t use their common sense, fools who can’t tell the different between what is right or what is wrong. Don’t let anger take our humanity, don’t let anger take control of our purest inner self, don’t let anger shut our ear from our inner voice, our conscience, the voice of our heart.

Friday, June 10, 2005

WhEn YoU fEeL lIkE yOu DoN't KnOw WhO yOu ArE

Have you ever been in a situation when you feel like you don’t know who you are and what you want? It’s not like the kind of feeling that you have when you try to decide something. It’s more like there are two version of you and they keep contradict each other. They keep fighting against each other. It feels like you have two personalities. From time to time you keep switching between one personality to the other personality. Your attitude toward your self, other people and life keep changing, depending on who you are at that moment. If you’ve been in that kind of situation and managed to deal with it successfully, you might be able to help me.

Friday, June 03, 2005

HuMaN nOn LiNeArItY

By definition a nonlinear system is a set of related variables having the property that small changes in one variable may result in unpredictably large changes in other variables within the system. Humans are the perfect example of it. Our life is affected by so many factors that relate to each other. A slight change in one of the factor, let say food can, can have huge influence in a lot of thing, such as stamina, mood, spirit, etc. Humans are so unpredictable so nonlinear. That is why it so hard to get a full understanding of a human.
You can model a nonlinear system, but still you wont be able to get a full understanding of the system, to be able to predict what’s gonna happen next on the system. That’s also the case for humans. You might thing that you know someone inside out; in other word you’ve made a linear model of someone. But, still you won’t be able to get a full understanding of that someone, you won’t be able to predict what is that someone gonna do next.
Nevertheless, this nonlinear property of human beings is what makes their life so color full, full of dramas, full of stories. On one hand, some colors are not pleasant, some stories can be sad stories and some dramas can be tragic dramas. On the other hand, some colors are very beautiful, some stories can be happy stories and some dramas might end up with happy endings. This nonlinearity has made life full of surprises. Some surprises are unpleasant and some are pleasant. So, just sit back, relax and be prepared for the next surprises.